What’s The Point?

I am a blogger.  He is a techie.  We both enjoy a good drink.

We said to ourselves, wouldn’t it be really cool to have a place where we could find a drink recipe for anything? Where we could search by ingredient and have a variety of cool drink pictures linked to recipes to choose from?

We answered, YES.

But as we started to create this place, it seemed that we couldn’t just do cocktails and leave out beer & wine…. we love those too.

And then there’s always the question of where is the best place to get a cool drink when you are traveling in a strange city or even venturing out in our own town.

Who should we ask?  I know…. We should ask our friends, they’ll know.

But what if our friends just have a silly picture or a new toast they want to share? Or have a question they’d like to ask about the perfect drink for an occasion? or what the best local microbrewery is in a town?

This should be the place… our virtual bar.  

And so, Barfly101 evolved before we ever even opened the doors…. from a recipe picture book to a book of all things beverage related…. yes, even virgin recipes are welcome here.

And we hope you’ll join us and help us gather more and more recipes, reviews, quips and quotes and just plain old stupid stuff, because we’re all friends here.  

Friends who enjoy a good drink and a laugh.